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4 Exclusive Updates - TIMFuck | TIMSuck | TIMJack May 21st, 2015
Exclusive Scene Update | TIMFUCK

Featuring: Andrew Darling and Kenny Host

There's only one thing Kenny Host wants and he doesn't care how he gets it -- as long as Andrew Darling's dick is thrusting as deep inside him as possible, it doesn't matter which hole Andrew is using. Andrew is more than happy to oblige, giving Kenny all the cock and cum he can take, shoving his meaty rod down the fuckslut's throat and up his hungry ass as far as it will go.

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TIMFuck Assets:
Animated Gifs: http://asrv.treasureislandmedia.com/TIMFUCK/05-21-15AndrewKenny/PROMO/ZIPS/Animated.Gifs.zip
Banners: http://asrv.treasureislandmedia.com/TIMFUCK/05-21-15AndrewKenny/PROMO/ZIPS/BANNERS.zip
Free Hosted Gallery: http://asrv.treasureislandmedia.com/TIMFUCK/gallery.php?content=05-21-15AndrewKenny
Trailer: http://asrv.treasureislandmedia.com/TIMFUCK/05-21-15AndrewKenny/PROMO/Trailers/trailer.mp4
Extended Trailer: http://asrv.treasureislandmedia.com/TIMFUCK/05-21-15AndrewKenny/PROMO/Trailers/extendedtrailer.mp4
Content Zip: http://asrv.treasureislandmedia.com/TIMFUCK/05-21-15AndrewKenny/PROMO/ZIPS/CONTENT.zip


Exclusive Scene Update | TIMSuck

Featuring: Brad McGuire and Pony

Pony Hunter filmed Brad McGuire's legendary cock for us a few times before he gave in to the overwhelming temptation and asked if he could have a taste himself. Never one to turn down a blowjob, Brad immediately said yes. Pony is hardly a novice when it comes to cocksucking, but Brad's 9.5 incher is not your everyday dick. Placing himself fully at Brad's disposal, the kid gets the thrill of a lifetime--and a mouthful of hot jizz--as he devotes himself to the topman's every instruction and whim.

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Animated Gifs: http://asrv.treasureislandmedia.com/TIMSUCK/05-21-15BradPony/PROMO/ZIPS/Animated.Gifs.zip
Banners: http://asrv.treasureislandmedia.com/TIMSUCK/05-21-15BradPony/PROMO/ZIPS/BANNERS.zip
Free Hosted Gallery: http://asrv.treasureislandmedia.com/TIMSUCK/gallery.php?content=05-21-15BradPony
Trailer: http://asrv.treasureislandmedia.com/TIMSUCK/05-21-15BradPony/PROMO/Trailers/trailer.mp4
Extended Trailer: http://asrv.treasureislandmedia.com/TIMSUCK/05-21-15BradPony/PROMO/Trailers/extendedtrailer.mp4
Content Zip: http://asrv.treasureislandmedia.com/TIMSUCK/05-21-15BradPony/PROMO/ZIPS/CONTENT.zip


Exclusive Scene Update | TIMJack

Featuring: Luke Tyler

| AGE: 45 | HEIGHT: 5'10" | WEIGHT: 170lbs | DICK: 7.5" cut |
Luke Tyler came in for an audition and we immediately asked him if he wanted to cum for us on the spot. It was like he knew we were going to ask when he unzipped to reveal a metal cock ring and dirty cum stained jock. Luke’s shy exterior doesn’t truly reveal how much of a pig he is, but once he’s naked and hard, he shoves that same jock in his face seemingly reliving the sex you just know he has had in it, and starts fingering his hungry hole. It was clear this gets him going — Luke’s boner starts oozing precum and he greedily eats it right up. Without a doubt, this stud is one of the hottest new-cummers we’ve met in a while. I can’t wait to see him get fucked.

Animated Gifs: http://asrv.treasureislandmedia.com/TIMJACK/05-21-15LukeTyler/PROMO/ZIPS/Animated.Gifs.zip
Banners: http://asrv.treasureislandmedia.com/TIMJACK/05-21-15LukeTyler/PROMO/ZIPS/BANNERS.zip
Free Hosted Gallery: http://asrv.treasureislandmedia.com/TIMJACK/gallery.php?content=05-21-15LukeTyler
Trailer: http://asrv.treasureislandmedia.com/TIMJACK/05-21-15LukeTyler/PROMO/Trailers/trailer.mp4
Extended Trailer: http://asrv.treasureislandmedia.com/TIMJACK/05-21-15LukeTyler/PROMO/Trailers/extendedtrailer.mp4
Content Zip: http://asrv.treasureislandmedia.com/TIMJACK/05-21-15LukeTyler/PROMO/ZIPS/CONTENT.zip


Exclusive Scene Update | TIMJack

Featuring: Sirius

Animated Gifs: http://asrv.treasureislandmedia.com/TIMJACK/05-05-15Sirius/PROMO/ZIPS/Animated.Gifs.zip
Banners: http://asrv.treasureislandmedia.com/TIMJACK/05-05-15Sirius/PROMO/ZIPS/BANNERS.zip
Free Hosted Gallery: http://asrv.treasureislandmedia.com/TIMJACK/gallery.php?content=05-05-15Sirius
Trailer: http://asrv.treasureislandmedia.com/TIMJACK/05-05-15Sirius/PROMO/Trailers/trailer.mp4
Extended Trailer: http://asrv.treasureislandmedia.com/TIMJACK/05-05-15Sirius/PROMO/Trailers/extendedtrailer.mp4
Content Zip: http://asrv.treasureislandmedia.com/TIMJACK/05-05-15Sirius/PROMO/ZIPS/CONTENT.zip